Friday, 23 April 2010

Top 5 - 23rd April 2010 - R.I.P Will.


Totally sorry I haven’t blogged all week. It’s been a bit of a crappy week. Will my little goat passed away. So I haven’t been in the best mood... He was quite sick with a tummy bug and I did all I could for him – took him to the vet on Tuesday after lunch and the vet tried to give him some injections to pick him up but when we got home he passed away. So that was very sad. So this week my top 5 favourite things maybe a little hard to think of, but I shall try!!
1. Will – I only had him for a little while, but he was very cute. I am glad he is no longer in pain or suffering. I am grateful I have some great photos to remind me of him. It was tough having lost him, but the time I spent with him was great. Especially when Tristan was here.

2. My new 1950’s dining set that my parents found for me in a Toowoomba garage sale... It’s a table with 4 chairs and it’s super cool! I LOVE IT. I have to a little bit of work to it; just general cleaning and it will look as good as new! I shall do a blog on the restoration shortly.

3. I went to the Fernvale Markets on Sunday – 11 chokos for $2!! Hell yeah – I love chokos... I was in search for a cattle dog puppy, but instead I found something from my childhood – the same Farm House set I had when I was a little girl – I instantly bought it - $20 = bargain! This one came with more accessories then mine & is in pretty good condition (mines with Mum and has been pretty loved through all 4 of us!), I can’t wait to have a child and let them play with it, I’m glad I found it. I want my children to play with “normal” things. Farm animals, Barbies, trucks not Transformers, Pok√©mon or any other weird thing they have out now!!

 4. Seeing Trent go all karate kid on the way to the Fernvale Markets and catch a fly then release it. Totally fluked it... He wasn’t even aiming to catch it! Made us laugh

5. My Mum makes the list again this week, she helped me take Will to the vet on Tuesday and was there with me when he passed to give me a hug and cry with me. Thank you.

 6. Trent’s Mums pumpkin soup... Very very happy she made a batch this week and gave me a container... YUUUMMM. I am saving it for lunch one day when it’s a cold or rainy day.

7. My Friday afternoon – today at 4pm I sat on the water tanks with a Jack Daniels and played Frisbee with Duke and watched Grace nibble around the yard. It was nice, the weather was just cool enough that I could feel it but still warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt.

8. These lists; even though I had a crappy week, it’s nice to be able to reflect on the week in a positive way.

Wow – 8 things!! Not bad, considering I thought I would have trouble thinking of 2!!

Well let me know what your top 5 favourite things were this week. Hopefully your week was better than mine. Tomorrow night I have Outback Spectacular with Trent’s family – shall be interesting, I’ve never been... Have a good weekend.

R.I.P Will. – We loved you.


R.I.P Will. We love you. xOx

My rediscovered childhood farm set... Loved it. Now I have another!

My awesome new dining table (I already have a dining suite) so perhaps this could be a board games table!?

Well until next time. Enjoy and be positive...
Let me know what made you smile this week.
PS: I am also currently working on a 'vintage pin curl' tutorial - please bare with me as I've never done a tutorial or made a video on crappy windows movie maker. LOL


  1. We had that exact same farm set. Oskar & Archie play with it now... super cute

  2. Lol!!
    I loved mine... Glad someone else had one too!!


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