Friday, 16 April 2010

Top 5 - 16/04/2010.

Ok. I hope everyone has had a nice week... Mines been nice, not great but nice, but a few things have made it grand... These are my top 5 or 6, depending how generous I feel...

1. My Mum, she makes the top of the list this week – she helped me out by taking me to the hairdressers in Toowoomba this week for my hair cut (hello shorter new fringe... I’ve decided to try out fringe styles before the wedding to decide what I love the most). She also took me to the orthodontist – not so loving her about that, but some parts were broken and YAY now they are fixed (that YAY was sarcasm). But she has been there most of the week in the morning (like every other week) for me to call her. I call her randomly to chat about random things... Normally nothing important but just to chat. She got even more excited this week thanks to that second Twilight movie being released. I’ve promised to watch it with her ONCE.

2. My goats, really I am falling more and more in love with them. They are quiet funny. Grace trots around the paddock during the day very happily and then randomly she bleats non-stop until I call out Hello or some other random phrase to her. She also does the same thing when she notices that I am awake and walking around the house first thing in the morning.

3. Mishka has recovered nicely from her de-sexing operation. YAY! (That YAY had no sarcasm attached). I take her to the Vet tomorrow for the stitches to be removed. So I am super happy and very relieved it all went well!

4. Re-watching Sex and the city... Up to the beginning of season 4 now. It’s nice reliving old scenes that me think of how me and my old and most favourite house mate use to sit back and watch and discuss each episode over diet coke, chocolate, cosmos/cleos and occasionally alcohol. It was always lovely to have someone to sit back and discuss the details of SATC, life, love, Girls of the playboy mansion, latest fashions and anything else we thought of with and laugh and just talk. I kind of miss that, but I guess once you move towns a few times it’s quiet hard to cement and sustain great friendships. It sucks. But it’s nice remembering. So I guess number 4 is really remembering old times with people that actually mattered, I don’t mean people I use to “club” with; because that’s meaningless, get drunk enough and a wall can be your friend. But people I could sit down and talk to and be open with. That was great.

5. Pizza and Jack Daniels and House night with my love. Nothing beats these nights. I love them. I look forward to it every Friday. We do watch House every night (like 2 episodes, because I got him for his birthday the House DVD box set 1-5 – he got it early... damn me being weak and giving in... I just can’t hide gifts; I love to give presents!). But on Friday nights it’s just relaxing to kick back and just chill and not have to stress over what time we have to wake up in the morning or anything else. But just be with each other and be happy. I find lately I am at my happiest when I am just with him, chilling out and not caring. It’s bliss!

So that is this week’s top 5. What are yours from the week? Well Trent has tomorrow off YAY (once again no sarcasm) – he sometimes works Saturdays so it’s great to have him home all weekend, even though we have a vet appointment and are meant to be “cleaning up” i.e. – sorting through crap we don’t need anymore... I am the WORST person at that – I am the person who does the ‘ohhh but what if this happens and I need that extra box or this thing’? Wow, I probably should write to Oprah for help before I get approached to be on Hoarders! No – I am joking, I am not that bad, but I just don’t like doing it. I am good at cleaning, you know vacuuming, dusting, laundry (besides ironing – HATE IT!) etc, but sorting through stuff – love it for ‘old times’ sake but hate it for its actual purpose of de-cluttering.

Anyway; wish me luck if I actually attempt to dive into my study cupboard or the other half of my walk-in robe and make a half ass attempt of “de-cluttering”. Hope I don’t get lost.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies I know I will be enjoying mine with him.

Sorry no pictures in this one. Pictures are promised for the next one!! <3

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