Friday, 9 April 2010

This week list of favourite things...

Ok, it seems to be the new trend in the blog-o’sphere to list your 5 favourite things from the week on Friday (seems I am a bit late catching onto this trend; but I always am, I’m just way to cool to start it straight away LOL) so here we go;

1. Having my little brother Tristan staying at my house for the week; it has been great to have someone for company, to mow the lawn, to cull the cane toad population at my house, to cuddle and he is just a good kid. (sometimes)

2. My new goats; Will & Grace, they haven’t failed yet at making me laugh. Just today Grace broke into the house yard by pushing on the front gates and squeezing through, and then proceeded to trot around the house bleating (she must like our company). Pretty cute.

3. My new stamps for card making – I went shopping with Mum on Monday and picked up a few packs of new stamps from a few selected stores (Spotlight, Big W & the Warehouse). My favourite lot would have to be the Peter Rabbit collection ones – it has a squirrel on it (squirrels being my all time favourite animal!)

4. Trent; this one will most likely always make my top 5 favourite things. He makes me happy for countless reasons...

5. Photos; this maybe another regular in my favourite file. I take at least about 30 a day. AT LEAST. Of my pets, scenery, loved ones, myself and absolutely anything I don’t want to forget.

6. (Woops, I am going over the “5” limit)... My Mum, this week she was there when I bawled my eyes out when I had to leave Mishka at the vet to be spayed, she took me craft shopping, to the cattle sales (a first time experience for me – we are looking at buying a steer soon) and she randomly makes me laugh sometimes; usually because of her blondeness and her love of the Twilight novels.

On a less fun note; I have a few things I am not “loving” this week.

1. Being sick – this cold/flu thing, I am so beyond over it, I hate having no energy to hang out with Tristan or be happy and chatty. Bleh! Just hate feeling ill and gross it is making me super cranky and easily annoyed. NOT FUN.

2. My little cat Mishka got desexed on Tuesday, I hate seeing her in pain. Poor little baby. But she is already running around a bit. So she is half normal already! I am praying she gets better super quick. (Hear that God, I am praying for a speedy recovery on Mishka!)

3. Negative people. It will always make my list. Especially friends who can’t be happy for me when I’m happy – guess they aren’t as “good” of friend as they preach to be.

Anyway lovelies that is my top fav’ 5 for this week and WOW record amount of posts this week!! I will try to maintain this standard as long as bloggers block doesn’t kick in! Enjoy the pictures. <3
My baby brother.
Gracey Lou
Top ones are from Big W and the bottom ones are from The Warehouse
Peter Rabbit Stamps. (see the Squirrel!!) - from Spotlight
These are also from Spotlight. LOVE the Cupcake
I love him and how amazing he is. (It doesn't hurt that he is 'easy on the eye' either)
Photography; Sunrise over our property.
Me Tristan & Mumma at the cattle sales.
Poor little Mishka Moo.

Good night. Enjoy. Let me know what your top 5 is from this week!


  1. I love the stamps! And Will and Grace lol. Best names ever.

    Let me know if you have trouble finding any stamps in particular because I just found a shop here that sells hundreds of stamps.

    Can you watercolour over a stamp?

  2. Hey Lovely!!
    Thanks for the comment and glad to see you have a blog too!!

    Lol, Will & Grace are awesome!!

    I've been finding some awesome stamps at the moment, but if I need something I'll let you know and yep Mum taught me to watercolor in stamps (that is how I get my colored in effect)...


  3. love the list. hope you feel better!

  4. thank you Miss Heidi.
    I love the 'loving' you give my blog.


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