Thursday, 15 April 2010

Negativity and Sex & the city

Hello!!Ok, How are we all?

Well lately (well the most recent was last night), I received some bullshit mean comment on my own Facebook about what I post about – a certain person whinging that he did not like my own status updates (my pets, my fiancĂ©’, my blog, my life) – so I blocked/deleted him A.S.A.P. It made me think, really am I meant to bow down to someone who I went to school with for a brief period and really haven’t had anything to do with for almost 3 or 4 years? What was he expecting me to do? “Yes sir, I shall take your suggestion on board”... Like really? It has surprised me this year with the amount of people who get “annoyed” at what I post, they are either “friends” who complain about me status updating about my own happiness *please note; bitching about me being happy to myself – doesn’t make you a very good friend. Or random people I’ve know through life who think they can negatively “attack” (well try to, the delete button is very effective) my life or what makes me happy. Like really it is not rocket science – don’t like someone or the life they lead or what they do, delete them. Simple. Why cause drama? But then this brings me back to last night comment attacks, like really who cares that much to go out of their own way when they are over 20 (in high school this crap was acceptable) and write something negative about someone else? Who really cares? I don’t negatively comment on some of the idiotic statues that filter through my Facebook or Twitter – personally I don’t care that much. I care about the immediate people I deal with daily... But I am not going to go mental at someone if they write a stupid update on Facebook. The same goes for this random prank caller I have had all year, it is a guy - who is like 20ish (he sounds my age) and calls randomly and abuses me or Trent and tries to offend me... Like really? Who does this? Get a life... But one more call and I will have to change my number it's getting stupid and I am devastated - because I have finally learnt my mobile number off by heart and because some loser has nothing better to do with their life then call me and be a weirdo I have to change it. I just don't get peoples motives sometimes, what do they want to achieve? Who really cares about being that negative? It accomplishes nothing good. Embrace the positivity people – and remember if you act unexplainably negative towards someone it is usually put down to pure jealousy.

Also lately throughout the day I have been watching Sex and the city from season 1 (I’m currently up to the 3rd season). I’ve just finished the episode where they were at the Playboy mansion (JEALOUS)... Anyway – the reason I am re-watching the series and then the 1st movie is in preparation for the new movie set to hit screens on the 28th of May!! Super excited – I cannot wait to see it along with some fun girls!! (check out the trailer for it HERE.... it looks fabulous) But I’ve just passed the part in the series where Carrie (who is the character at times annoys me the most) has just been “dumped” by Aiden because she was sleeping with Big. Like really, could the girl be more dense. She had something great and she went out of her way to cause drama because she “missed drama”. I’m not saying that the cheating thing is ridiculous – because a lot of people cheat, some people have their reasons and others like Carrie have none. But it amazes me how a women who is meant to be a “sex columnist” who also writes about relationships has that hard of time sustaining one? Really, it isn’t that hard – maybe it is in America though? Maybe I am totally biased though as I have found someone I “mesh” with. But I’ve been through my fair share of ass holes and alright guys to find one amazing guy. I just think once you find someone who respects you if you respect them back it works. Aiden respected Carrie – she didn’t respect him, she left Big in search of respect and love – she found it and fucked it up? Like really what the??? The girl is nuts. Personally I’ve always loved the character of Charlotte, maybe because of her innocence and her idealistic take on relationships and romance or maybe because I love the idea of the “perfect relationship” “perfect house” “perfect family” – ok I am not deluded – really, I strive for perfection but I am quite happy with normally average. I am normally average right now, but maybe one day one of those things will be perfect – hopefully my family... I think we are all pretty perfect now anyway – the family being Trent, Mishka, Duke, Will & Grace. Lol.

Anyway readers (if anyone reads this), remember negativity is a waste of energy – so why not just be positive? And I’m not “sally sunshine” 24/7 but it helps to put the effort in an attempt to be positive – it makes you as a person feel better and you don’t upset anyone else. Win Win. So who is your favourite SATC girl and why?


Sex and the city - The Movie.
Super excited for the sequel.


  1. Power to Bindy. Keep flaunting your life in status updates and embrace the positivity. xx

  2. Aww.. thanks Miss Ally!
    I love your positivity!!

  3. I am definitely an Aiden girl..

  4. So you don't want to get married yet or you just prefer Aiden? Lol
    I like Aiden too! Big is a tad annoying. Lol.


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