Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter. Bunnies. Cards. Chocolates. Family - Love.

The Easter long weekend... I’ve heard it’s the most favourite weekend for bankers/bank workers as it’s the only guaranteed 4 day weekend they receive all year. For me... it’s pretty similar each year, Good Friday normally is a lunch of curry egg & lettuce sandwiches for lunch made lovingly by my Mummsie and after that this year we went to pick up my 2 newest editions to our small “Scott/Bartley” family... 2 goats. Which after much deliberation I named Will & Grace (1 is a boy with not all of his boy parts & 1 is a girl... they are good friends)... So we have 2 new “children”. YAY. Dinner is fish & chips at my Nins (grandmas) house and it’s one of the few days in the year I feel religious. Yes I am catholic, I am getting married in a catholic church with a full catholic ceremony but sometimes, I just don’t know what to believe. But I feel it is somewhat wrong to eat red meat on Good Friday especially if it does symbolise Christ’s body and if he did sacrifice himself for us, I guess we should be thankful. Thankful to whoever is out there that created us, as obviously someone or something did. Christmas is the other holiday my family gathers to give thanks to the Lord and eat another delightful meal prepared by Mummsie... But who is to say God/Jesus whoever isn’t real? I sure am not and I guess it is somewhat comforting knowing that just perhaps there is a greater being out there watching over me and the people I love... Anyway, Easter Saturday this year was spent with a visit by my family with a BBQ & a bonfire complete with marshmallows! Easter Sunday was spent with my family cleaning up around the property... & I being sick (still am which is why this blog is so late – sorry!!)Didn’t do much at all. Easter Monday was a day for Trent and me just to kick back, do nothing and relax. We like that. So it was watching HOUSE and not much else. Delightful!
Now onto the important subject of Easter gift giving – I didn’t have many to give so; for Trent I appropriately gave him a T.rex egg (I call him T.rex – no idea why it just happened one day), for my little brothers I did up an Easter gift pack of Cadbury goodies that was devoured in a day, my parents and Trent’s parents and his older brother received a jar full of Cadbury goodies and homemade chocolates. Each gift given had a personalised hand made card attached. (I am slowly getting into card making – I love it!) I received – 2 beautiful & very sweet Lindt bunnies from Trent, my parents got me a lovely stash of wonderful things, a sifter (I desperately needed one for baking) a lovely gravy jug (something else I really needed) and a sugar egg (Mum gets me one almost every year – I love them, finding them a little tough to eat this year though thanks to the braces). This Easter was lovely, our first Easter as an “engaged” couple but our second together. We enjoyed it; it was our style – low key with the people we enjoy.

Enjoy the pictures
& I hope you all had a divine Easter long weekend.

The boys Easter presents!! One likes white chocolate one doesn't care! Lol.

Their home made gift cards - simple, not girly and very them.

Chocolate jars... sorry I didn't get awesome pics was a little ill and cranky.

Easter Presents!!
This is Will
This is Grace
Trent & Duke by the fire.
My lovely Mum, being happy.
Mum & Dad
Trent & Mum
Marshmallows straight from the fire & into the mouth!
Marshmallow straight from the fire - still on fire!
I like this photo, "My men who stare at goats".
My very first Easter card. Can not wait to make more!
Embossing Powder Effect
This one was completed with a Easter Wishes stamp up the top...
A sample of some of the Easter stamps I bought this year. Love them
My Easter presents!! Thank you!


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