Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hectic week!!

Hello all.
How’s everyone’s week been? Well mine has been interesting. Tuesday was the most difficult day. My ideal wedding reception venue has been booked on my ideal wedding date, meaning we must bring forward the wedding to maybe July. I thought that was going to be the end of my bad luck, just after lunch I got a phone call saying Trent had blacked out at work on top of a ladder and woke up on the ground and was in the Logan Hospital. So off to Logan to collect him and I was quite distraught. He has an A.C separation on his shoulder and has a sling, some good pain killers and some time off work.

At the moment life is a bit hectic, just thought I would write a quick blog to let you all know that the vintage pin curl tutorial, outback spectacular blog are both coming I’ve just had a few things to deal with this week (Trent, Trent’s surprise birthday party...)

Tomorrow is Trent’s 21st Birthday! Lucky him he gets to visit the GP for a shoulder check up and later that evening is his surprise party – which has been so difficult to keep from him as I hate lying to him!! So I hope he doesn’t get mad at me!! Lol.

We also got a new goat on the weekend (a new friend for Grace) Tres (it means 3 in Spanish) third time lucky hopefully... He is a wether and has a fair bit of attitude!!
Oh well, more on everything later. So sorry about such a short blog. I still have to upload music for the party and attempt to make him a birthday card after dinner.
Have a good weekend all. xx

The new goat Tres! <3

Trent & his sling & Mishka - who enjoys snuggling in it!! LOL

Friday, 23 April 2010

Top 5 - 23rd April 2010 - R.I.P Will.


Totally sorry I haven’t blogged all week. It’s been a bit of a crappy week. Will my little goat passed away. So I haven’t been in the best mood... He was quite sick with a tummy bug and I did all I could for him – took him to the vet on Tuesday after lunch and the vet tried to give him some injections to pick him up but when we got home he passed away. So that was very sad. So this week my top 5 favourite things maybe a little hard to think of, but I shall try!!
1. Will – I only had him for a little while, but he was very cute. I am glad he is no longer in pain or suffering. I am grateful I have some great photos to remind me of him. It was tough having lost him, but the time I spent with him was great. Especially when Tristan was here.

2. My new 1950’s dining set that my parents found for me in a Toowoomba garage sale... It’s a table with 4 chairs and it’s super cool! I LOVE IT. I have to a little bit of work to it; just general cleaning and it will look as good as new! I shall do a blog on the restoration shortly.

3. I went to the Fernvale Markets on Sunday – 11 chokos for $2!! Hell yeah – I love chokos... I was in search for a cattle dog puppy, but instead I found something from my childhood – the same Farm House set I had when I was a little girl – I instantly bought it - $20 = bargain! This one came with more accessories then mine & is in pretty good condition (mines with Mum and has been pretty loved through all 4 of us!), I can’t wait to have a child and let them play with it, I’m glad I found it. I want my children to play with “normal” things. Farm animals, Barbies, trucks not Transformers, Pokémon or any other weird thing they have out now!!

 4. Seeing Trent go all karate kid on the way to the Fernvale Markets and catch a fly then release it. Totally fluked it... He wasn’t even aiming to catch it! Made us laugh

5. My Mum makes the list again this week, she helped me take Will to the vet on Tuesday and was there with me when he passed to give me a hug and cry with me. Thank you.

 6. Trent’s Mums pumpkin soup... Very very happy she made a batch this week and gave me a container... YUUUMMM. I am saving it for lunch one day when it’s a cold or rainy day.

7. My Friday afternoon – today at 4pm I sat on the water tanks with a Jack Daniels and played Frisbee with Duke and watched Grace nibble around the yard. It was nice, the weather was just cool enough that I could feel it but still warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt.

8. These lists; even though I had a crappy week, it’s nice to be able to reflect on the week in a positive way.

Wow – 8 things!! Not bad, considering I thought I would have trouble thinking of 2!!

Well let me know what your top 5 favourite things were this week. Hopefully your week was better than mine. Tomorrow night I have Outback Spectacular with Trent’s family – shall be interesting, I’ve never been... Have a good weekend.

R.I.P Will. – We loved you.


R.I.P Will. We love you. xOx

My rediscovered childhood farm set... Loved it. Now I have another!

My awesome new dining table (I already have a dining suite) so perhaps this could be a board games table!?

Well until next time. Enjoy and be positive...
Let me know what made you smile this week.
PS: I am also currently working on a 'vintage pin curl' tutorial - please bare with me as I've never done a tutorial or made a video on crappy windows movie maker. LOL

Friday, 16 April 2010

Top 5 - 16/04/2010.

Ok. I hope everyone has had a nice week... Mines been nice, not great but nice, but a few things have made it grand... These are my top 5 or 6, depending how generous I feel...

1. My Mum, she makes the top of the list this week – she helped me out by taking me to the hairdressers in Toowoomba this week for my hair cut (hello shorter new fringe... I’ve decided to try out fringe styles before the wedding to decide what I love the most). She also took me to the orthodontist – not so loving her about that, but some parts were broken and YAY now they are fixed (that YAY was sarcasm). But she has been there most of the week in the morning (like every other week) for me to call her. I call her randomly to chat about random things... Normally nothing important but just to chat. She got even more excited this week thanks to that second Twilight movie being released. I’ve promised to watch it with her ONCE.

2. My goats, really I am falling more and more in love with them. They are quiet funny. Grace trots around the paddock during the day very happily and then randomly she bleats non-stop until I call out Hello or some other random phrase to her. She also does the same thing when she notices that I am awake and walking around the house first thing in the morning.

3. Mishka has recovered nicely from her de-sexing operation. YAY! (That YAY had no sarcasm attached). I take her to the Vet tomorrow for the stitches to be removed. So I am super happy and very relieved it all went well!

4. Re-watching Sex and the city... Up to the beginning of season 4 now. It’s nice reliving old scenes that me think of how me and my old and most favourite house mate use to sit back and watch and discuss each episode over diet coke, chocolate, cosmos/cleos and occasionally alcohol. It was always lovely to have someone to sit back and discuss the details of SATC, life, love, Girls of the playboy mansion, latest fashions and anything else we thought of with and laugh and just talk. I kind of miss that, but I guess once you move towns a few times it’s quiet hard to cement and sustain great friendships. It sucks. But it’s nice remembering. So I guess number 4 is really remembering old times with people that actually mattered, I don’t mean people I use to “club” with; because that’s meaningless, get drunk enough and a wall can be your friend. But people I could sit down and talk to and be open with. That was great.

5. Pizza and Jack Daniels and House night with my love. Nothing beats these nights. I love them. I look forward to it every Friday. We do watch House every night (like 2 episodes, because I got him for his birthday the House DVD box set 1-5 – he got it early... damn me being weak and giving in... I just can’t hide gifts; I love to give presents!). But on Friday nights it’s just relaxing to kick back and just chill and not have to stress over what time we have to wake up in the morning or anything else. But just be with each other and be happy. I find lately I am at my happiest when I am just with him, chilling out and not caring. It’s bliss!

So that is this week’s top 5. What are yours from the week? Well Trent has tomorrow off YAY (once again no sarcasm) – he sometimes works Saturdays so it’s great to have him home all weekend, even though we have a vet appointment and are meant to be “cleaning up” i.e. – sorting through crap we don’t need anymore... I am the WORST person at that – I am the person who does the ‘ohhh but what if this happens and I need that extra box or this thing’? Wow, I probably should write to Oprah for help before I get approached to be on Hoarders! No – I am joking, I am not that bad, but I just don’t like doing it. I am good at cleaning, you know vacuuming, dusting, laundry (besides ironing – HATE IT!) etc, but sorting through stuff – love it for ‘old times’ sake but hate it for its actual purpose of de-cluttering.

Anyway; wish me luck if I actually attempt to dive into my study cupboard or the other half of my walk-in robe and make a half ass attempt of “de-cluttering”. Hope I don’t get lost.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies I know I will be enjoying mine with him.

Sorry no pictures in this one. Pictures are promised for the next one!! <3

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Negativity and Sex & the city

Hello!!Ok, How are we all?

Well lately (well the most recent was last night), I received some bullshit mean comment on my own Facebook about what I post about – a certain person whinging that he did not like my own status updates (my pets, my fiancé’, my blog, my life) – so I blocked/deleted him A.S.A.P. It made me think, really am I meant to bow down to someone who I went to school with for a brief period and really haven’t had anything to do with for almost 3 or 4 years? What was he expecting me to do? “Yes sir, I shall take your suggestion on board”... Like really? It has surprised me this year with the amount of people who get “annoyed” at what I post, they are either “friends” who complain about me status updating about my own happiness *please note; bitching about me being happy to myself – doesn’t make you a very good friend. Or random people I’ve know through life who think they can negatively “attack” (well try to, the delete button is very effective) my life or what makes me happy. Like really it is not rocket science – don’t like someone or the life they lead or what they do, delete them. Simple. Why cause drama? But then this brings me back to last night comment attacks, like really who cares that much to go out of their own way when they are over 20 (in high school this crap was acceptable) and write something negative about someone else? Who really cares? I don’t negatively comment on some of the idiotic statues that filter through my Facebook or Twitter – personally I don’t care that much. I care about the immediate people I deal with daily... But I am not going to go mental at someone if they write a stupid update on Facebook. The same goes for this random prank caller I have had all year, it is a guy - who is like 20ish (he sounds my age) and calls randomly and abuses me or Trent and tries to offend me... Like really? Who does this? Get a life... But one more call and I will have to change my number it's getting stupid and I am devastated - because I have finally learnt my mobile number off by heart and because some loser has nothing better to do with their life then call me and be a weirdo I have to change it. I just don't get peoples motives sometimes, what do they want to achieve? Who really cares about being that negative? It accomplishes nothing good. Embrace the positivity people – and remember if you act unexplainably negative towards someone it is usually put down to pure jealousy.

Also lately throughout the day I have been watching Sex and the city from season 1 (I’m currently up to the 3rd season). I’ve just finished the episode where they were at the Playboy mansion (JEALOUS)... Anyway – the reason I am re-watching the series and then the 1st movie is in preparation for the new movie set to hit screens on the 28th of May!! Super excited – I cannot wait to see it along with some fun girls!! (check out the trailer for it HERE.... it looks fabulous) But I’ve just passed the part in the series where Carrie (who is the character at times annoys me the most) has just been “dumped” by Aiden because she was sleeping with Big. Like really, could the girl be more dense. She had something great and she went out of her way to cause drama because she “missed drama”. I’m not saying that the cheating thing is ridiculous – because a lot of people cheat, some people have their reasons and others like Carrie have none. But it amazes me how a women who is meant to be a “sex columnist” who also writes about relationships has that hard of time sustaining one? Really, it isn’t that hard – maybe it is in America though? Maybe I am totally biased though as I have found someone I “mesh” with. But I’ve been through my fair share of ass holes and alright guys to find one amazing guy. I just think once you find someone who respects you if you respect them back it works. Aiden respected Carrie – she didn’t respect him, she left Big in search of respect and love – she found it and fucked it up? Like really what the??? The girl is nuts. Personally I’ve always loved the character of Charlotte, maybe because of her innocence and her idealistic take on relationships and romance or maybe because I love the idea of the “perfect relationship” “perfect house” “perfect family” – ok I am not deluded – really, I strive for perfection but I am quite happy with normally average. I am normally average right now, but maybe one day one of those things will be perfect – hopefully my family... I think we are all pretty perfect now anyway – the family being Trent, Mishka, Duke, Will & Grace. Lol.

Anyway readers (if anyone reads this), remember negativity is a waste of energy – so why not just be positive? And I’m not “sally sunshine” 24/7 but it helps to put the effort in an attempt to be positive – it makes you as a person feel better and you don’t upset anyone else. Win Win. So who is your favourite SATC girl and why?


Sex and the city - The Movie.
Super excited for the sequel.

Friday, 9 April 2010

This week list of favourite things...

Ok, it seems to be the new trend in the blog-o’sphere to list your 5 favourite things from the week on Friday (seems I am a bit late catching onto this trend; but I always am, I’m just way to cool to start it straight away LOL) so here we go;

1. Having my little brother Tristan staying at my house for the week; it has been great to have someone for company, to mow the lawn, to cull the cane toad population at my house, to cuddle and he is just a good kid. (sometimes)

2. My new goats; Will & Grace, they haven’t failed yet at making me laugh. Just today Grace broke into the house yard by pushing on the front gates and squeezing through, and then proceeded to trot around the house bleating (she must like our company). Pretty cute.

3. My new stamps for card making – I went shopping with Mum on Monday and picked up a few packs of new stamps from a few selected stores (Spotlight, Big W & the Warehouse). My favourite lot would have to be the Peter Rabbit collection ones – it has a squirrel on it (squirrels being my all time favourite animal!)

4. Trent; this one will most likely always make my top 5 favourite things. He makes me happy for countless reasons...

5. Photos; this maybe another regular in my favourite file. I take at least about 30 a day. AT LEAST. Of my pets, scenery, loved ones, myself and absolutely anything I don’t want to forget.

6. (Woops, I am going over the “5” limit)... My Mum, this week she was there when I bawled my eyes out when I had to leave Mishka at the vet to be spayed, she took me craft shopping, to the cattle sales (a first time experience for me – we are looking at buying a steer soon) and she randomly makes me laugh sometimes; usually because of her blondeness and her love of the Twilight novels.

On a less fun note; I have a few things I am not “loving” this week.

1. Being sick – this cold/flu thing, I am so beyond over it, I hate having no energy to hang out with Tristan or be happy and chatty. Bleh! Just hate feeling ill and gross it is making me super cranky and easily annoyed. NOT FUN.

2. My little cat Mishka got desexed on Tuesday, I hate seeing her in pain. Poor little baby. But she is already running around a bit. So she is half normal already! I am praying she gets better super quick. (Hear that God, I am praying for a speedy recovery on Mishka!)

3. Negative people. It will always make my list. Especially friends who can’t be happy for me when I’m happy – guess they aren’t as “good” of friend as they preach to be.

Anyway lovelies that is my top fav’ 5 for this week and WOW record amount of posts this week!! I will try to maintain this standard as long as bloggers block doesn’t kick in! Enjoy the pictures. <3
My baby brother.
Gracey Lou
Top ones are from Big W and the bottom ones are from The Warehouse
Peter Rabbit Stamps. (see the Squirrel!!) - from Spotlight
These are also from Spotlight. LOVE the Cupcake
I love him and how amazing he is. (It doesn't hurt that he is 'easy on the eye' either)
Photography; Sunrise over our property.
Me Tristan & Mumma at the cattle sales.
Poor little Mishka Moo.

Good night. Enjoy. Let me know what your top 5 is from this week!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter. Bunnies. Cards. Chocolates. Family - Love.

The Easter long weekend... I’ve heard it’s the most favourite weekend for bankers/bank workers as it’s the only guaranteed 4 day weekend they receive all year. For me... it’s pretty similar each year, Good Friday normally is a lunch of curry egg & lettuce sandwiches for lunch made lovingly by my Mummsie and after that this year we went to pick up my 2 newest editions to our small “Scott/Bartley” family... 2 goats. Which after much deliberation I named Will & Grace (1 is a boy with not all of his boy parts & 1 is a girl... they are good friends)... So we have 2 new “children”. YAY. Dinner is fish & chips at my Nins (grandmas) house and it’s one of the few days in the year I feel religious. Yes I am catholic, I am getting married in a catholic church with a full catholic ceremony but sometimes, I just don’t know what to believe. But I feel it is somewhat wrong to eat red meat on Good Friday especially if it does symbolise Christ’s body and if he did sacrifice himself for us, I guess we should be thankful. Thankful to whoever is out there that created us, as obviously someone or something did. Christmas is the other holiday my family gathers to give thanks to the Lord and eat another delightful meal prepared by Mummsie... But who is to say God/Jesus whoever isn’t real? I sure am not and I guess it is somewhat comforting knowing that just perhaps there is a greater being out there watching over me and the people I love... Anyway, Easter Saturday this year was spent with a visit by my family with a BBQ & a bonfire complete with marshmallows! Easter Sunday was spent with my family cleaning up around the property... & I being sick (still am which is why this blog is so late – sorry!!)Didn’t do much at all. Easter Monday was a day for Trent and me just to kick back, do nothing and relax. We like that. So it was watching HOUSE and not much else. Delightful!
Now onto the important subject of Easter gift giving – I didn’t have many to give so; for Trent I appropriately gave him a T.rex egg (I call him T.rex – no idea why it just happened one day), for my little brothers I did up an Easter gift pack of Cadbury goodies that was devoured in a day, my parents and Trent’s parents and his older brother received a jar full of Cadbury goodies and homemade chocolates. Each gift given had a personalised hand made card attached. (I am slowly getting into card making – I love it!) I received – 2 beautiful & very sweet Lindt bunnies from Trent, my parents got me a lovely stash of wonderful things, a sifter (I desperately needed one for baking) a lovely gravy jug (something else I really needed) and a sugar egg (Mum gets me one almost every year – I love them, finding them a little tough to eat this year though thanks to the braces). This Easter was lovely, our first Easter as an “engaged” couple but our second together. We enjoyed it; it was our style – low key with the people we enjoy.

Enjoy the pictures
& I hope you all had a divine Easter long weekend.

The boys Easter presents!! One likes white chocolate one doesn't care! Lol.

Their home made gift cards - simple, not girly and very them.

Chocolate jars... sorry I didn't get awesome pics was a little ill and cranky.

Easter Presents!!
This is Will
This is Grace
Trent & Duke by the fire.
My lovely Mum, being happy.
Mum & Dad
Trent & Mum
Marshmallows straight from the fire & into the mouth!
Marshmallow straight from the fire - still on fire!
I like this photo, "My men who stare at goats".
My very first Easter card. Can not wait to make more!
Embossing Powder Effect
This one was completed with a Easter Wishes stamp up the top...
A sample of some of the Easter stamps I bought this year. Love them
My Easter presents!! Thank you!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

T.rex & Bindys Sydney Trip

Sydney trip. Well as far as first impressions go, WOW the fumes. GROSS. It was busy, our hotel was in the China town district, very few people spoke strong English and we were lost. Fair to say the first day was a little daunting and not that idyllic. Night time though was fabulous, nothing beats going to a music industry party with “record company people” and meeting famous singers, my favourite radio announcer and Miss Australia and some lovely “normal” people. The next day was jammed pack with sightseeing (whilst being a little seedy, damn that music industry party with its free flowing red wine). We saw the sights – the Sydney Harbour bridge, the Opera House, the harbour area and the old colonial area called “the rocks” (where my Mum’s Dad use to hang out when he was younger... that was kind of neat, walking the streets where perhaps he use to walk... it was a nice connection). But would I ever live there? I think not. I loved the weather, nothing beats cool climates where I can wear jeans, scarves, boots, coats and whatever else I desire, but I am not a fan of the busy streets, hectic traffic and smog. Give me that climate in the country, I will love it. Anyway for the few people who read this and are much too lazy to peruse my Facebook photos here a few (ok a fair few) photos of our adventure... (Please note I really dislike the people who get on my Facebook – look at all my photos and choose not to comment at least one, it’s rude...) Anyway... here for your enjoyment is a picture summary of Trent & my trip to Sydney to meet Gabriella Cilmi and Jason Derulo... (If you are confused as to why I went to Sydney or how I got the tickets please read a few blogs back...) ENJOY

PS – there are also videos of the event on the Facebook. xx
Nioce - hotel room at the Novatel Rockford at Darling Harbour
China Town lion & I
Trent & China Town
Singing in the rain...
Ok more like posing in the rain then singing
I was freeezzing & had to do my make up = Hoodie + socks
Getting ready....
Outfit!! - Jeans; J.U.N.K. corset; Kitten d'amour (sex kitten) Heels; peep toe Jacket; Jays Jays
T.rex & I
Trent & I with Gabriella Cilmi in the background
Miss Gabriella Cilmi performing.
Trent & I with Gabriella
Signing our CDs for Trent
Gabriella and I. - She was lovely...
Trent and I. <3
The event was at the PowerHouse Museum in Sydney = awesome photo props!
Trent & I
The darling radio announcer who tweeted me that lovely & inspirational tweet (read a few blogs back..)
Jason Derulo and I.

Jason Derulo performing.. Awesome. A little Michael Jackson esque with the whole glove thing...
Promo girls handed out Easters Eggs and headphones - odd but wonderful combination
Jason Derulo and I.
Former Miss Australia - Erin Mcnaught & I 
Ajay (Hot30 promo guy!) and I
Trent & I with Ajay and Anne & Mark (lovely people!)
Packed up... Ready to sightsee then head back to Brisbane!!

Us & the Sydney Harbour Bridge..
Freeezzing on the ferry.. But us and the bridge again!
Trent & I at Watsons Bay...
Us at Watsons Bay...
Lovin' the random places to take photos <3
The Sydney Opera House...
The My Little Pony Coloring book I bought because my flight home was delayed half an hour LOL

Well there we go, a  new blog on my Sydney trip. Enjoy. Comment.
Today I have to take Mishka to the vet to be desexed :( So stressing out a bit as a normal Mumma would LOL. Easter post will be coming...
Thanks for reading...
xx .B