Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wedding date, blog avoidance, Easter plans & Autumn cleaning...

Ok, totally know I have been avoiding you blog, I own up to this mistake and I apologise, I will try so hard to write more frequently. I am sorry, I know no excuse will make up for a week of ignoring you, but I had bloggers block. I don’t know what to write about...

Anyway, in the past week or so... I have booked my wedding date and church – 3rd of September 2011 at 3pm; terribly excited it’s now an official time and place. Just every other detail to plan now and it really is full on with planning a wedding, wow! I need help, like bridesmaid help, but that’s a whole other ball game. Like how do you decide? Who is right? How do you ask someone? And what the hell do you do if one bails on you and turns bridesmaid-zilla? Especially if they are a major key member? I don’t know who to ask, but I have decided I will not be asking anyone until at least September (or a little after) so then that’s about a year’s notice and by then hopefully I have sussed out some good friends/family members... It is possibly the most difficult wedding task there is.
I am trying my best this Easter to hand make some of my gifts and cards. I really am striving to get into card making. I have stolen (borrowed) my Mothers card making kit and stamps and am attempting to hand make Easter cards for our friends and family as well as home making some Easter chocolates (just by melting some chocolate and using moulds I bought from Spotlight!) . I am still deciding on how to present the chocolates but I am totally loving the idea suggested in my friends blog  - I heart sew. - an adorable blog. She suggests here to place the chocolates in a decorated re-useable jar! I love love love this idea, it’s simple, classy and uses recycling! Brilliant – I will do a blog on my card making; I just want to get a little more practice in!

I totally “autumn” cleaned the house the other day... Everything was cleaned and scrubbed. I think there is nothing more refreshing then a totally cleaned house; to me it is very therapeutic. So that was a nice accomplishment to finish last week, this week I am determined to start the above mentioned cards... On Thursday I will have no electricity from 9am until 3pm (thanks power company... I assume they are doing repairs)... So lucky me as I am on tank water that also means no water. So Thursday shall be my craft day.

Well this gives you all a super quick update. Any blog suggestions would be appreciated. I leave you with some pictures that recently have made me smile. Enjoy

Flowers I recieved before our church meeting to book our wedding. (It was also our 14month anniversary...)

St. Marys Catholic Church Ipswich - where we will be getting married next year.

This flower made me smile. It was my Great Grandmothers plant and has been at this house since Mum and Dad were here and it has survived the whole time we have been away. Very pretty.

My mushroom pictures = LOVE. They look magical, very Bella in Bindyland.

my 3 fav' boys at a rodeo in Toowoomba a little while ago.

A sneak peak at my Easter stamps for the cards. I am hand painting them with water colors.

YUMMY the start of the Easter chocolates.


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