Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sexpo, Sexpo, You're my Sexpo? Or not so...

So last Friday night Trent and I boldly went where many people have gone before, the Brisbane SEXPO. It was interesting, eye opening, and full on and definitely a little too crowded.

So Friday afternoon rolls around – I have to decide what to wear – not wanting to be mistaken for a stripper I chose the safe option of a punkish tank top, jeans and heels. After two Jack Daniels and one McDonalds stop later we arrive... We walk in and are handed our complimentary “personal massagers” and we are a little taken back at first, to our right is a “Condom Kingdom” stall selling show bags with at least one sex toy, DVDs and a billion novelties and to our left in Pricasso (man who paints portraits with his “member”) and the Sexpo showgirls... WOW. I am fairly open minded but this stuff hits you full on, so we head straight to the back to watch the Crusty Demons show (Trent was happy to see Seth Enslow – some hardcore motor bike dude) – as we head to the back arena area I spy to elderly gentlemen whipping each other (open mind Bindy open mind)... Anyway the Crusty show was riveting, then we go on “The Gerbil” a sex themed side show ride – wasn’t all that great, disappointment is the word that springs to mind. So we continued up and down the aisles – trashy lingerie, scary looking sex toys, restraints, photography, hair extensions, boob jobs, swimwear, S&M demonstrations (this would have been less scary if the people doing the demo’s didn’t look like serial killers...), tacky porno’s, sex phone lines, sex workers registration (?), Picture mag (ew), more toy stands and the Hustler store (my only purchase of the day, 4 pairs of totally cute jocks for $20! Bargain!)...

The acts we saw at Sexpo were the terrible male strippers, wow what girl really wants to see some over tone guy wear more tan, makeup and hair products then herself and prance around like a 9 year old in a jazz class? Not me, I much prefer watching super talented girls do a decent pole dancing set... But hey each to their own. We also watched a trapeze act by Suzie Q and Toby this was quite good, the only down side for me was it had a vampire theme to it & I am not the biggest fan of Twilight.

The event to me was alright, I didn’t love it, it was quite crowded (that’s to be expected at an expo) but some of the stalls were just plain tacky – I would have loved to see a burlesque stall or routine as I find that super classy and very sexy... But hey maybe the organisers thought trashy blondes with cellulite (yes the strippers had very, very obvious cellulite) are more appealing. It was defiantly an experience and one I will not be going back too, once is enough for this little blogger.

Let me know if you went and what you thought.

My hair and makeup for Sexpo.
T.rex and I before Sexpo...
My confidence in a can. <3 Love it.

Traffic was grid-locked... Everyone wanted to get to Sexpo lol.
So we took some photos of ourselves :)
My penis handles on the Gerbil ride.
Crusty Demons.
I really wanted a pic with Penis-o-saurus but was much to shy lol...
Adult side show games... I picked the "cock" instead of the "ass hole" (classy eh!)
These 2 were quite cool, except it was "Vampire" themed.
Typical the blokes get those 2 as strippers and we get a show pony who prances. (& yes that is a piercing on her lower back... ew.)
I went to Sexpo and survived - Just. But I think it shall be a one time thing unless they bring in a burlesque stall/act/something classier than what they have now!
After Sexpo we went to Mobil and had roast beef and gravy rolls with chips... YUM
I really liked my hair bow... <3

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  1. You have a great blog Bindy!! Love the humor! Great writing!


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