Monday, 29 March 2010

My 2. Mishka and Duke.

Ok, I will admit it, I love my pets. I talk to them like they are my children, I take way to many photos of them, I am over protective of them and I baby them. I only have two, my German shepherd – Duke who is almost 2 years old; Trent got him before we were together, I sometimes feel like I missed out on his crucial “puppy months”, but then we have really special moments together like when he just snuggles me & he reassures me that he does love me... I never thought I could or would ever love such a big dog as much I love him. I was always wanting a little “purse dog” now I couldn’t stand the thought, I want a female dog that will be compatible with my Duke. My other pet is my Manx cat Mishka, well she is just over 7 months old and she has quite an attitude. All I wanted was a little animal I could snuggle and that wanted loving and attention, so one day I got this tiny little gray ball of fluff with no tail that hissed at me (she was free from a lovely girl in Toowoomba), she was born in a roof and her Mum was a farm cat; so she wasn’t very social. Anyway, months of snuggling later she still is very independent, she doesn’t just come up to me for cuddles and often I have to trick her into coming to me by shaking the cat food box or chasing her around the house. But sometimes (and very rarely) she will come up to me for a brief cuddle. I really do love both of them, more than I thought I could ever love 2 critters with 4 legs.
I love my pets so much; I think it is so important to have pets, I think they make you feel and give love on a whole new level. I can't wait to have children and share this love with them and the joy of owning fabulous pets!So I leave you with some photos (ok 1 to many photos) of my “babies” as I call them. This is your introduction to the two little lives that make me sane, that make me love more and that I wake up every morning thinking someone needs me. I love them and if you don’t like them or have a negative opinion (i.e. – like the silly girl from my Facebook who thinks German shepherds should be “banned”) keep it to yourself.
Dukey when he was a baby. I missed out on this :(
This photo is so funny, I made this out of playdoh and Duke jumped in the shot. LOL
Seal Dog.
My Beautiful
Trent and Duke Swimming. Yes Duke is perched up like a bird.
I think he is one of THE most beautiful thing in this world
I think he looks like a Lion here.
Duke loves his bath tub!!
Mishka when we first got her...
Tiny baby.
My little Kitten in one my fav' clothing stores bags. (It's now Kitten d'amour)
Bath time for Moo Moo
Brave little cat, placid big dog
Mishka and I on our engagement party night.
Mishka sleeping...
Duke and I.
Trent and a tiny Mishka
Little Mishka Moo and I.
When we used to go driving to Toowoomba she would sleep like this.
Duke and my muffins.
On my sewing table.
My girl.
My boy.
My 3
Mishka doing a dance and poking tongues
Too cute.
Super Duke

Mishka hunting geckos..
Cocky and way over confident and much to independant = Mishka
Mishka Moo cow in her Moo Cow jumper for Winter
My 2 babies, my 2 loves, my 2 children. My 2. The 2 that can make me smile even when I am so sad. They just are my 2. I love them.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, feedback whatever!! For tons more pics check out my Facebook (link down the bottom!).


  1. Love the pic of Duke and Misch laying the same way with one in the house, and the other outside haha

    Amy xx

  2. thank you!
    I love it too!! <3

  3. duke and the muffins! so sweet! love the pics.

  4. Amazing both pet get along together. I love to have those 2 pet.


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