Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I've won a trip to Sydney and recieved my most nicest tweet yet!!


Just a quick blog to let you all know that I have won a totally awesome competition through the Hot30 countdown which is nationally broadcasted... The prize was a trip for 2 (Trent and I) to Sydney on the 30th of March til the 31st of March for Gabriella Cilmi’s album launch party... There are also some whispers saying there is going to be an “international surprise guest”... Very exciting! So how did I win... I went to and clicked on WIN and they contact me!! So no ringing up and being the "85th" caller lol (I never get through on those comps!) and it was a general knowledge question game and the first 3 people got eliminated so I had to answer 1 question; Who won the Oscar for Actress of the year for 2010 - dir, Sandra Bullock for 'The Blind Side' (I loved that movie & really wanted her to win!) YAY for me... 
And for those of you that have lived under a rock and never heard of Gabriella, she is a young Australian artist who shot to fame in 2008 with her awesome song ‘Sweet about me’. Her latest song is ‘On a mission’. She is from Melbourne and is 19 years old and has had many other super catchy songs that have always been hits. So I am most defiantly looking forward to seeing her perform... And so very excited for Sydney as I have never been outside of Queensland (sad hey!), but what does one wear to an album launch party for all of music industry people and celebrities? Oh my lord... Stress!! (suggestions would be lovely!!) On to another topic about the Hot30 countdown – this week is Tim Lee and Biggzy’s last week, which is quite sad as I think they are an awesome duo, but as life goes it’s better to leave successfully than to be asked to leave and they are embarking on new endeavours and I wish them all the best (even though I am sceptical the Hot30 will not be the same!)... Anyway – I tweeted (yes I am on Twitter – bella_k) to Biggzy, Tim Lee and the Hot30 thanking them for the awesome prize, I get a reply from Biggzy – totally stoked that someone of her social level even replies to tweets (I think it is rad!) I tweet her back suggesting she takes a look at my blog and I get this reply back...

How awesome hey! I was really quite shocked (pleasantly!)...
Thank you. This to me makes me want to write more and ignore every negative comment I get about my blog. ♥ Nice people are rare and some are really surprising... Thanks Carla. xx ♥
This has pretty much made my week – oh and sorry about being so un-technological and not knowing how to capture a moment on my computer so I took the picture with my phone. Lol. So enjoy the blog, leave comments so I know you visited, follow me and have a lovely day.


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