Friday, 12 March 2010

Fears... Yes even this fearless (?) little blogger has a few (or a 100)...

Ok, I threw it out there last night on Facebook asking what I should write a blog about, my fears was the only response; and I think a valid one. It’s interesting and revealing and I do have fears, so let’s begin (I have a few).

One of my main most well known fears; is my fear of frogs. I hate them, I don’t want to touch them and if I have to walk past them I often run. This fear stems from my delightful sister Nicole – who when we were younger used to catch the biggest and most gross looking green frogs and chase me all around the house and if she caught me she would put it on me... This soon turned into like a family sport, with my younger brothers joining in taunting my Mum (who also dislikes them) and I. My most recent encounter with a frog almost being forced upon me was when someone out of my family told my little 2nd cousin to go up and tap me on the shoulder and show me the frog he found out our engagement party; yep that resulted in quiet a loud scream. I just find them gross and weird – I don’t harm them but I wish they would stay well away from me... I think they look like the descendants of aliens.

Second fear; needles, I just do not like the idea of pushing something into my skin that hurts. It’s not so much the pain I am afraid of, as it is the whole concept of needles. I work myself up into quiet a frenzy before getting a needle (much to my Mothers embarrassment). This is also the reason I haven’t followed the trend of piercings – I could think of nothing more disturbing than watching someone shove a sizeable needle through one of my body parts... This fear doubles when I am at the dentist and require a needle in my gums (only happened twice in my life and it was last year, yes even though I was twenty I still cried like a baby – once again Mum was so proud). I just really don’t like being in pain and the idea of needles, it is really quiet strange because if I am suffering pain I can handle it alright (example; my Mum accidently dropping 2 BBQ grills plates on my ankle; I handled it ok LOL) but if it is something like getting a filling or having my Orthodontist work on my mouth (that hurts) I really hate and get quiet scared. I am one strange little cookie.

Third fear (yes I am a big scaredy cat), possibly my number one fear is being alone. Like I can handle being on my own, but thinking that for the rest of my life I could be without my insane family or without Trent, that really scares me. The people who mean the most to me I don’t want to imagine my life without them, not when they mean the world to me and they have shaped me into the person I am today. My life without Trent – well, that just wouldn’t be right. That man just makes me much too happy...

Fourth fear; roller coasters, I really don’t mind simple ones (no massive hills, no loops). I just get so mega scared and because I am so small framed I get thrown around quiet a lot on them and I really do not like it. I love water slides and water based rides at theme parks – but no rollercoaster’s/tower style (giant drop) rides – that being said I did brave my fear and go on the ‘Tower of Terror’ at Dream world – wasn’t too bad.

The last fear is kind of silly, I am a quiet paranoid person, I don’t like weird noises happening when I am home alone, I don’t like silly unexplainable things happening and I don’t like getting that scary feeling like someone else is in the room with me when no one is! But this fear is a bit contradictory; as I LOVE horror films, I love the idea of ghosts and the possibility there is another realm of life (angels etc) much probably to the despise of my Catholic religion. I just don’t like feeling scared when I am alone (I think this is a normal fear) if I have Trent and I get scared, I am fine and can be brave. (It’s the alone fear again!)
So there is my fears, yeah sure I suffer from the everyday normal fears, lack of acceptance (doing this blog was a little nerve wracking), snakes (who isn’t afraid), death, loss of a loved one and the terrible natural disasters that can strike at any time either in the form of disease or wild weather, but the ones listed were my 'main fears'... 
I hope you enjoyed this blog, feel free to share your fears (& if you’ve overcome – how?!) I am still working on overcoming some of my fears, my frog fear MAYBE one day and probably the needle fear as in a few years we want to have kids and I’ve been told apparently it hurts a little and sometimes they needle you... but hey maybe that was just a rumour. LOL.
Have a lovely day.

I love them - & would be terrified forever if I lost one.

My Sister - braver than me in almost every aspect.
My Parents - Married 22 years today - my inspiration - this gives me faith that love is real & that Trent & I can survive this twisted world & any hardships we stumble upon as long as we have each other.
My Family & Trents Family. = Love. I am so lucky to have so many kind people in my life.

I would be lost without thes two. I never knew I could love 2 animals as much I love them.
My heart & soul.
I am terrified of life without him, he has that ability to lift me up like no one else ever has.
Super Man rollercoaster - Movie World QLD - e'f that!!  (Trent went on it... I sat outside)
3 frogs that regularly hang out near my back door (always there when I come home when it's dark... I run past)
These slithery things scare the life out of me, I question why they exist... Eastern Brown snake on my verandah.


  1. OMG needles are my worst fear ever too aye just ask my mum hehe i had to have 3 ppl hold my arms and legs to get my tetnus shot hehehe!!!!
    blog are going great babe keep up the good work!!! xxxx

  2. I know I hate needles, I remember in grade 10 when we had to get some needle and you got really upset! Thanks for all your positivity... :)

  3. with ya on the needles! you asked to stop by and take a look! first, i'm not blog expert, but i can tell you right away...this blog is designed beautifully! love the wooden scrolly things on the side.

    i'm a picture gal, so i love the photos!

    as far as a theme to your blog or what you should write about...i can only go by my own experience and that it...i write about my life. all of it. what happened in my day or week. i have kids so they are the subject lots. i also write about what i love. don't like, ideas, feelings,...

    just keep going, you have a great start!!!
    thanks for stopping by though:)

  4. Aw thanks Heidi....
    I love your blog with your gorgeous pics and updates on your life. It's really delightful!
    Thanks for the tips and motivation!!


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