Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Blog #3; 2nd half of Bindyland...

Ok part II of Bindys life… here we go;
My family in the middle of 2008 had relocated once again to the South East Queensland area (thinking about this, WOW we moved around a fair bit), this time to a very nice town – Toowoomba. So by the time my 20th birthday rolled around and I had flown down to visit them, I realised that maybe I too needed to escape the toxic place and people that was Rockhampton and Central Queensland. So by that November I had broken my lease, quit my job and told the non-confident business owner where to very kindly place her advertising job and moved home, to my always understanding parents (they maybe understanding, but when you screw up time and time again after they warn you constantly they tend to not let you forget it for awhile).
The time I decided to move was in the midst of the recession, the time when the world was going through a “global economic crisis”, so finding a job was super easy – note the sarcasm? So eventually, I end up helping out some “old family friends” with their business... Where in the mid December, something quite amazing almost miraculous occurred... I met a guy. Yep, I had, had boyfriends. But this one was different. I was warned off by mutual friends (the same ones who had introduced us? Go figure) that he wasn’t the most desirable of guys... So I thought nope, stuff it. I do not trust anyone; I will be his friend nothing more, even if he is super hot...
The Christmas party for this business was quite a social event; there were a lot of people there; my family, friends and also “the guy”. So my family came and met this handsome young guy. AND, they liked him? A LOT! This was kind of odd, they normally hated my taste in men, so after some convincing from my parents (they said he was lovely) or maybe the ridiculous amount of Jager’ that night, I started talking to him. And then, he tripped me literally (well someone did, he still claims he wouldn’t hurt me)... I almost knocked myself clean out on the spa at this party. My god, I am so glad I was drunk, because it was embarrassing and I am glad I only vaguely remember it. So as far as first kind of “hang out/dates” go, I fell for him... Yep, face first (well chin first) smack hard into the side of a spa. GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION – and very painful but still so funny.
I went back to Toowoomba for the Christmas/New Year period. That fall must’ve impressed this certain guy, because days later he had driven the hour trip to come take me to the movies. As cheesy as this sounds, we randomly selected Twilight (before it was like the “epic love story” of our time). So December 30th 2008, we see Twilight. You know, we are keen to be friends, hang out whatever. After the New Year, fate happens where, I get asked to go back down and help out in admin’ at the same families business... So off I go down to Ipswich to stay with this family for roughly 1 month. Eventually after time spent with this “friend who almost drowned me in a spa” we kind of get it, that we like each other and start dating. Long story short, the job eventually ends (too soon), I move back to Toowoomba and after still looking for work and finding NOTHING (damn economy) I start working at... McDonalds... (Life is strange, dream job one year, Maccas the next...) anyway, that was a life experience in itself. Our relationship continued, by this stage he was renting our family home (yes the same one I had lived in from primary school, which my parents had never sold but rented out whilst we were in Central QLD). And the time rolled around, where the one hour long distant relationship was kind of getting, well quite shit. So I decided to relocate, packed up and moved in with him. This was the first “boy” I had ever lived with... So from the start of July 2009 a very big, new stage in my life began. I really was enjoying this and was well quite infatuated with him. Life continued on, I did part time admin stuff, he is a builder and contracts himself out, so all was going quite swell and we enjoyed each other’s company and our life together with our dog... The three of us were happy.

Anyway, my 21st rolls around with the typical birthday party with all the family and close friends, little to my knowledge that this night would in fact turn out to be the very best night of my life to date. He proposed to me and of course the answer was, yes. *cue Taylor Swift Love Story*

" Best moment of my life so far"
So this has pretty much bought you up to speed on life in Bindyland at the moment. My life basically did a full turn around. As last November was the 1 year anniversary of me leaving Rockhampton (22 November) and if you had told me then, I would have met someone who genuinely loves me for me as I do for him and that I would have discovered who I really am and was truly happy with myself and that we would be engaged now, I would’ve told you, that you were totally crazy. And as far as stupid life mistakes go, I have definitely out done myself (and there are some really dumb ones in there) but if it all meant leading up to where I am right now, I can’t really complain. They made me who I am, that made me who he loves. I guess that is fine by me.
Welcome to Bindyland.


  1. Aww that's such a sweet ending :D Off topic but I totally love your watch too!

  2. aww.. thanks so much...
    Ha ha ha I lovvee that watch too!! (I bought as my 20th birthday present to myself lol)


  3. Nice... That gives me an idea how to propose to my girl.
    Thanks it was a pleasure reading.


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