Friday, 26 February 2010

Blog #2 - The first part of Bindyland

Welcome to Bindyland: a sugar-coated glimpse of my life which has, at times, been pretty average. But through this blog, I hope to show you that it is these very experiences which have made me into the person I am today.

Once upon a time, 1988 to be precise, I was born in Queensland’s Ipswich. Not the best town in Australia, but it did me well. As my parents’ first born, I enjoyed my childhood. Dad worked in open-cut coal mines, while Mum stayed at home and looked after all four of us. Yep, that’s right – after me, they continued to breed. You think after one perfect idealistic spawn, aka me, would suffice. Mum did an amazing job taking care of us. And I guess this is where my domestic prowess came to fruition.

"My Mum and I"

After the birth of Bindy, 18 months to be exact Nicole was born, my best friend, body guard, worst enemy and partner in crime. 4 years later there was Lachlan and another 2 years after that Tristan, that then made up the ‘awesome foursome’; Bindy, Nikki, Locky & Trisy.
I attended a private primary school, with a brief stint in a public school, it was hell. I was constantly bullied for the majority - who knows why. Was it because I was different? Short? A little smart? Total weirdo? (I am betting on that one!) Or maybe it’s because I wasn’t as “out there” as every other girl? Or kids are kids? That there raised the issue of constant self confidence issues and my major dislike for people that treat others like crap for no reason... I am in full support of being a bitch if the person deserves it... But in no way do I like it when people are un-necessarily mean.
Luckily, I had an escape; my family owns a 102 acre property on which we lived and I loved. We bred cows and goats and had dogs, a cat and a big beautiful home, which the whole family really loved. I really had a great childhood outside of school.

"Bindy and Cindy (the goat)"

Moving on... High school rolls around. Two years at a private all girls school, which was attached to the private co-ed primary school the “not very nice” girls also went to. So fair to say grade eight and
nine were just as crap as primary. Then in late 2002, my Dad announced to the family, that we’d move to Central Queensland. It was to a town we have never heard of – Middlemount. Yeah, exactly what the hell? So, after discovering this speck of a town on a map, completing grade nine and leaving the few friends I had behind, the whole family packed up and migrated north. The town was less than desirable – bugger all to do there. By grade ten, most kids were already in their friendship cliques and weren’t very welcoming of others. But I dealt with it, making some friends – as hard as it was in the toxic atmosphere of a “small mining town”. Most classmates were bored – and offspring of filthy-rich parents. The Drama was inevitable. And so began Belinda’s massive learning curve, where epic tales ensued. Grade 10 was completed and I moved onto a boarding school in Rockhampton, that wasn’t the most pleasant experience and I departed after only three terms. Luckily, my parents decided to move towns (yet again!), so we moved to a slightly bigger and more accommodating mining town – Enter: Blackwater. Here, I completed grade 11 at this school in yet again another new town. I decided I should take my future more seriously and re-enrolled as a grade 11 student for 2005 instead of moving straight to year 12.
So begins grade 11: take 2. But, in retrospect, it is like I never ever learnt from any mistake I made. (Well, I did from a few.) But, still, I trusted the wrong people, I completed grade 11, then my senior year rolled around and it was just like the previous year, more silly mistakes and more teenage bullshit. That year a lot happened, I turned 18; I made some good friends and actually all in all had a good senior year, but I was still trying to find out who I really was... This isn’t a simple task in a mining town full of narrow minded people that set out to bring others down... But I survived it all anyway, I completed high school (class of 2006), got the OP I needed, went to my formal, went to schoolies, got accepted into University and thought I was going ok, you know getting “my life on track”.

Then 2007 came I moved out of home, to Rockhampton (take 2) – (Rocky was a 1 ½ hours from my family) to attend uni. I thought I had it all mapped out... But life as always in Bindyland throws a curve ball when everything is finally kind of coming together. So dealing with some personal issues and trying to live out of home, while working & studying it kind of fell apart... As did I, so I quit the cafe job I had and I took on a job where I was bartending (not the job of my dreams) and I quit uni.
I was living on my own for awhile in a cute apartment, with a total head case for a flat mate... but that is for a whole other blog. I started doing model competitions, which I did enjoy and kind of went ok in... This slowly bought my confidence up a tiny bit. But toxic people still were there and people like that are hard to shake especially in that environment where people are waiting to take advantage of young, na├»ve and unconfident girls and my life for awhile was kind of like one stupid big moment. It was kind of a routine; work a few nights a week, pay rent, go out and it all repeats. Bartending; isn’t the best job, it made my immune system turn to crap (well when you’re drinking way too much, never eating enough and constantly on the go – the immune system tends to weaken), social life did excel a bit, but at the end of the day it was a job I took, I learnt from and never want to do again!
At this point I had, had a few failed relationships which were often guys wanting to be with me to make them appear better or feel good or whatever. It is beyond me, but when it comes down to it, I was either used for how I looked or used for whom I knew and what I knew. Moving into my second apartment, I did find one very good, trustworthy & beautiful friend... this I feel was a great positive. After a year of bartending, I had eventually weaseled my way into assisting the promotions manager and helping out organising events, model comps and whatever other crappy job they had going. I started to figure out, I had ideas and I could do that stuff... This could be my niche. But that grew old; I was getting nowhere, no matter how hard I worked or the shit I put up with... So almost like fate, I was offered a job in a rather large 4x4 company in Rockhampton (they shall remain completely nameless).
So I took the job, quit bartending and never looked back! I loved this new job, I was in charge of all their advertising/promotions and it was awesome. It was challenging but I could handle it. It was the job I had wanted to study for and I just got it. I worked really hard to keep that job, doing whatever I could to keep it; this looking back was a very stupid mistake. I put my whole heart 200% and soul into a company that didn’t care for me. I re –designed there show room, organised large scale events, wrote press releases, planned their radio/TV/print advertising and acted like a personal assistant to people that treat others like crap for about 8 months. Once again, stupid Bindy, way too trusting and listened to no one else that knew better and kept warning her (my parents – I am sorry). I did though have lots of fun whilst doing this job, as financially it gave me a lot of freedom as I made a lot money (that ended sooner than I thought, so I spent it stupidly), I continued to go out (which I loved to do, as I did know a lot of people), I probably drank still too much and didn’t eat enough but I always, always wore nice shoes. And looking back I think I was really still trying to find who I was, because I still didn’t know.

Part II of this blog will be continued in the next post... I felt the need to do a back story on me so my readers (if I get any) will know why and how I have certain views and beliefs on certain subjects and to make the blog more relatable. At the moment I am still working out some editing kinks (argh so confusing!!) but please bare with me as I am quite certain that once we are into the swing of things this blog shall be quite grand.
Thank you please enjoy and any advice/feedback is welcome!

B. x


  1. Yay for your new blog ^_^ I spent most of my school life up north in Towsville so I know exactly what you mean about growing up in a small town with small minded people :) I really enjoyed reading this first post, I'll look forward to number 2!

  2. aw wow thanks so much!! Your positive comment has given me confidence in this blog now... Thank you!!

    Still trying to work out all the editing kinks... lol.
    Thank you... Maybe one day my blog shall be as awesome as yours and SKM... A little blogger can only dream... lol

  3. Love your blog. Beautiful prose.

    Much love from your Melbourne mate,

    x Ally

  4. awww thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU. You know none of this would be possible without your guidance and help and LOVE.

    <3 I am coming to Mel for a very short visit in early June. I shall email you in a few days about it.

  5. No worries love. You are the true mastermind here. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Feels like you are a character out of a classic film. Would be wonderfully surreal to meet the gorgeous, vivacious and clever protagonist from the movie that is Bindyland. xx

    PS. I'm going to New York in June - haven't set a date yet, but here's hoping it doesn't overlap with the days you grace Melbourne.

  6. Oh really... Jealous... A billion photos of New York please so I can live vicariously through you... :)

    Thank you for such kind words. It really makes me feel good!


  7. Hi there I'm new in blogging and new in photography! I really love your blog! Following you now! Hope we'll get to know more of each other and be friends.

    Here is my blog:

    I really want to know how I am doing taking pictures! Please add me.

  8. Hi!
    Your blog is very interesting & your your photos are great!
    I'm also new in blogging (just started this year!!)
    Stay in touch!


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