Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas festivities have begun... {2013}

December 1st 2013;
Woah, it's the first of December already - most of this year dragged on & on for me but once I gave birth to Lucy the weeks have just flown by!! She is 7 weeks old this coming Friday - that is crazy!!
Trent & Lucy put the star on top of our Christmas tree today, I'm so excited for Lucy's first Christmas. I've always loved Christmas, but once you get older & move out of home the 'excitement' of Christmas morning kind of fades away, but now that I have a little someone to teach all about Christmas cheer & spoil with gifts, the excitement has returned! 
I can't wait until she is just a little older when she really understands what is happening!  
I am so thankful that I now have a little person to share the joy of Christmas with, I really think little kids make Christmas more special & exciting!
I can't wait to explain the true meaning of Christmas to her, to start traditions (I cannot wait to get an 'Elf on the shelf'), to share her excitement, to teach her how to do crafts & bake yummy Christmas treats & just enjoy every Christmas with my precious daughter. 
Before I had Lucy Christmas was great from now on it will be magical!! 
My first Christmas decoration that went up this year. My sparkly deer head.
I decorated the cat.
Some of the new additions to the tree this year. 
A little sneak peek at the start of some of Lucy's Christmas gifts. I have some put away that I have already bought & some are coming in the mail! :) I bought her a 2013 Christmas moose because Trent got me a 2010 Christmas moose 3 years ago after I had surgery.  
Trent & Lucy after they put the star on top of the tree. 
Hope you all are getting into the festive spirit & are excited for Christmas!
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Monday, 18 November 2013

The arrival of Rexy {PART 1}

I cannot believe 1 month ago I became a Mumma! ONE MONTH!! 
In celebration of this I thought I would post the first half of my 'birth story' - sorry it's a bit late, trying to write is a bit hard at the moment when my attention is always on our precious little girl! 
My last 'pregnancy' blog post was the 16/October and I was writing about wanting our little Rexy to arrive... 
Well, she has arrived & this is my recount of the best day of my life - her arrival... (part 1)
Thursday 17th, October 2013;
Trent and I went out to Highfields & had lunch with Mum - I had been trying to fit in as many lunches with Mum as possible in the last few weeks while it was just 'us'. 
Trent & I the day before we became parents!! :)
Mum and I the day before she became a Nin!
Then we went & bought the cats a giant new scratchy post - I wanted to get them something new as I knew I wouldn't be able to give them 24/7 attention like normal once Rexy arrived and I wanted them to still feel loved.
Spook instantly loved the new scratchy post - Mishka took a few days to adjust to it... 
That afternoon I stayed active, Trent and I went for a big afternoon walk through the beautiful Queens Park, when we returned from our walk our neighbour joked that she didn't think our baby would arrive anytime soon as I hadn't "dropped".
Trent playing on the play equipment at the park - he will be such a fun Dad!
For dinner that night Trent made me one of my favourite meals that I had been craving all week; Vegemite & cheese on toast (fancy I know! But I am confident this is what caused me to go into labour, I wanted it all week & I finally got it!) I also snacked on fresh pineapple & ice cream for dessert (apparently pineapple can bring on labour, who knows if it is true). 
8:00pm - I had some slight cramping, but I had been experiencing similar pain for over a week so I thought nothing of it.
9:00pm - I lost some of what I think was my mucous plug, but I honestly didn't think much of it because I had read some women lose theirs 3 weeks prior to birth! 
That night my little Rexy was her normal active self, I even filmed her moving around...
We went to bed that night expecting nothing exciting to happen.

Friday 18th, October 2013;
3:50am - I woke up with what I thought was another annoying urge to wee (I had been to the toilet countless times that night already), but for some reason it felt like I had already gone! 
I don't know if it was the fact I was so tired or that I was in shock but I woke up Trent and said "can you tell me if I have just pee'd the bed"? He felt the side of my leg & replied, "no, don't think so" I was like "feel where I pee from"!!! (Haha) And then he quickly replied with "argh"! Which was a good indication I wasn't hallucinating that I felt wet, seconds later Trent had sprung out of bed and we had turned the lights on to discover a wonderful wet patch on the bed, my waters had broken!! 
I was very thankful that I had laid that super thick beach towel under my mattress protector now! I was so excited & happy, everything happened 'naturally' & I didn't have to be induced!! 
4:00am - I called the hospital to notify them and because I was in no pain we decided we would wait at home for a short while and arrive at the hospital at 7am. 
So I jumped in for a shower, washed my hair & shaved... It was such a surreal experience, knowing my baby would be born that day but at that stage I wasn't in any pain. 
I weighed myself before my shower - 52.8kg, I gained 12.8kg during my pregnancy! My  youngest brother was betting I would get to 53kg - he was close!
4:30am - After my shower I called my parents to let them know, they said they would come to our house after 6am & we would all go to the hospital together.
 I think I must of had a rush of adrenalin because I was super active that morning, after my shower I washed the bedding, did my makeup & hair, ate breakfast with Trent, remade the bed, made sure we had everything packed & I even tidied up around the house - like I couldn't stop...
5:20am - Slight cramping pain starts, but it was nothing I couldn't deal with.
5:40am - I have slight cramping & now my hips & lower back are starting to ache. The hip pain is not fun, but I can deal with it ok.
6:05am - Dad & Mum arrive, we have a bit of chat, take some photos & get ready to head to the hospital.
Rexy & I - our final 'bump photos'...
Trent and I - we were so excited to be so close to finally meeting our little Rexy!!
Me with Mum & Dad... They were very excited to become Grandparents! 
Just before we left for the hospital, haha at Duke being in the photo! 
The car drive there was fairly uncomfortable, sitting wasn't a comfortable position for me because my hips were aching. 
The weather outside was rainy & it was a bit of a chilly day.  
Once we arrived to the labour ward, I was given a private room to be in temporarily, I was hooked up to the CTG machine and explained pain relief options. At that time I wasn't in that much pain and we decided to try the TENs machine (the midwife said I had to start this option early for it to be effective). 
Hooked up to the CTG machine... 
Trent - he was very excited! (He also decided to shave the night before so he looks bloody 16 years old!!)
8:30am - The Doctor arrived and examined me (which honestly was the most awful thing in the world, he is lucky he didn't get kicked in the face. I hadn't cried all morning from pain until he did that internal) & then without warning the jerk tried to shove a drip in my wrist, well I had few things to say to him & he apologised and said he would tell me before he does anything from now on but it's fair to say from that point on I was just unhappy with that doctor and I wished my normal doctor was there.
At this point I was only 1cm-2cm dilated, I was a bit upset by that I was hoping I was a bit further along!
After that point my contractions were a bit stronger (only slightly) & still it wasn't bad pain. But also around this point my hip pain started to intensify and that was excruciating. One second it felt like my hips were being crushed together & the next it felt like they were being ripped apart. This pain was ongoing and I had no break in between contractions & the stupid hip pain. The only way I could be that made it feel slightly less painful was to stand. I tried laying down, kneeling, sitting, being on my side - and it all just made it feel worse. 
10:00am - At this point we had to walk down to reception & check in, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous.
By the time I got back to my temporary room, the room I would use for my entire hospital stay (room number 14) was ready, so we moved my bags into that room (thankfully it was another private room) & I tried to deal with the pain, but the hip pain was horrible. My energy levels dropped drastically and all I wanted to do was sit or lay down. I couldn't and I felt myself getting weaker & weaker, so we made the decision to get an epidural. 
To be honest I felt like at that point I had failed in labour. I was really upset about it and kept apologising to Trent for being to weak to do without it. I do believe that if it wasn't for the hip pain I most likely wouldn't have wanted one so early if at all, I could feel the contractions but they weren't that bad - it was my hips that were causing me the most pain.
Before labour I had this idea in my head that I would gradually work my way through the pain relief options & work up to the epidural, well that didn't happen - thanks to the hip pain - I didn't even get to try & relax in the bath. But that is ok, looking back because I am so thankful I decided to get the epidural, best decision I have ever made! 
10:45am - We head back down the corridor to the labour room & notify the midwife that I would like an epidural & she starts organising for that to happen, we then enter the labour room. The room where Rexy will be born, where Trent & I will become parents - this is the room that will change everything, our lives will never ever be the same once we leave that room. The room has a balcony & I could see outside that it was still raining, I loved cold rainy & stormy days - clearly our little Rexy did too because she picked the stormiest day in months to be born!
I only am able to think those thoughts briefly, the hip pain is excruciating - I hate it & I want it to stop - NOW.  A midwife there was trying to help me deal with the pain. She kept reminding me to breathe and I am fairly sure I told her "the breathing thing is bullshit, it is not helping my hips that feel like they are breaking"!! I didn't mean to be so snappy, I was just so frustrated & tired and I just wanted it to stop. 
At this point the contractions were still intensifying but it wasn't that bad... I'm still using the TENs machine but at this point it's just irritating to me. When I first started using it, it worked ok - but now it's just an annoyance - but Trent seems to find it fun to press the boost button... To help deal with the pain I was just hugging Trent, I leant forward & put my head on his chest "my safe place", while he hugged me & pretty much held me up & we just whispered to each other; he was such a great help. Mum was there too, she was offering to rub my hips & my back, clearly seeing me in pain upset her & she wanted to do anything she could to help stop it, she was also a wonderful help. 
12pm/Midday - Finally the wonderful anaesthetists arrived, I nearly ran up and hugged him when he came and introduced himself. I have never been more excited to get a needle in my life. And I am actually scared of needles, but I couldn't wait for this one! 
They started prepping my back for the procedure & I started mentally preparing myself - everyone hears horror stories about how excruciating the epidural is but I was prepared. I just wanted to rest, so I was brave & reminded myself a few seconds of possible pain is worth it to stop this horrible hip pain. 
I had to sit down on the edge of the bed for the epidural, that was possibly the most painful part of the whole thing. I did feel the anaesthetic needle go in, but it was only a slight sting and when he put the epidural in it just felt like someone had jabbed me with plastic straw. It wasn't painful at all, I didn't even cry. It was awesome!
After that was in I had to lay down & remain in bed, (I did ask for a walking epidural, but it wasn't available). The anaesthetist then did some tests to make sure the epidural was working & then he set the dosage a bit higher (apparently the dosage I was given was for a 6ft person, I am just over 5ft!). As the pain drifted away I felt myself relaxing & feeling a lot calmer & much better. I am fairly certain I thanked that brilliant man 100 times for taking the pain away, I'm sure he thought I was a total nut job - but maybe he gets thanked a lot! 
12:30pm - The Doctor came back into check me & insert the catheter (which also didn't hurt, I was a bit worried about that...) When he checked me (thank god this time I didn't feel it) I was almost 3cm dilated. He then started me on syntocinon (or synto as the midwives called it) to ensure my contractions stayed consistent & even speed them up a bit
After the epidural - feeling awesome & no longer in pain! I was excited to rest & finally meet our little Rexy in the coming hours! 
That was part 1 of our 'birth story'... Part 2 will be up in the near future! :)
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

A wonderful announcement...

Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been a little absent from my blog for a few weeks, but I have a brilliant reason why... 
Our little Rexy has arrived!
Lucy Kathleen Pirley was born on Friday, October 18th 2013 at 4:56pm. (So a day before her due date!)
Our first family photo! 
She is a beautiful & amazing little girl and we are so in love with her. 
We are enjoying learning to be parents and we feel very blessed that we have a very calm & content little girl to learn with. She really is such a wonderful baby & we absolutely adore her!
After countless prayers I am finally a Mumma to the most precious & perfect little girl God ever made. 
Trent and I with our Lucy. 
I will be back shortly to upload her birth story with all the details in it in the next week or so & I hope to get back into blogging soon, but for now I am just enjoying spending time with Trent & our daughter and learning to be a Mum! 
Talk soon, I am off to bath & feed & snuggle my little miracle!
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pregnancy Update; 39 weeks & 4 days!

Hey everyone,
So it is October 16th - and STILL no Rexy... 
Yesterday my sister suggested I write a blog on 'waiting' to the pass the time...
So, yes I am still waiting...
Today Trent and I took advantage of it 'just being us' and shouted ourselves a lunch & movie date! Then we did some shopping which involved a fair bit of walking & then did the groceries, I am wanting everything 'stocked up' so I don't have to stress too much about doing groceries once I have her! 
So for some pregnancy news...
I had a doctors appointment yesterday with my new doctor. 
Unfortunately my normal doctor who I think is amazing had to go overseas to New Zealand for a conference, we didn't think this would be an issue for me as he was very confident I would've had Rexy between 37-39 weeks, clearly that is not the case as I am almost 40 weeks and she is not here. (He even stayed on call just for me over the weekend until Monday the 15th, because he thought I would've went early.) We could've went down the road of induction or c-section before he left, but he is more of a fan of "letting a lady's body do what it should naturally" and I agree with him that & I didn't want to intervene unless it's necessary & not just for convenience or comfort... 
So he assigned me a new doctor and to be honest, I miss my old doctor. I think it is just because I have had 9 months (well almost a year, because my original doctor was the one who helped me when I lost my first baby) to build a good relationship with him, now this new doctor I have had only 1 appointment with, so understandably we aren't as comfortable with each other - this sucks & it makes me fairly sad... 
So the new doctor said I was doing fine, my blood pressure was good & she was positioned correctly and it is just a matter of waiting. He did 'check' me, which is something my other doctor hadn't done (mainly because he said it wasn't necessary at the time when he saw me), but anyway... I was checked (which hurt & was uncomfortable - gosh I have to get over this 'privacy' thing haha!) and he said my cervix was still "hard & closed" or "hard & long" or hard and something, I couldn't concentrate, I was a bit stressed at this appointment as I am a tiny bit upset that the doctor I really like won't be the one delivering my baby. Either way my cervix wasn't "looking favourable to deliver in the next 48 hours" - so when he said that I felt a bit sad. 
For the past week I've been having fairly intense (but not regular) braxton hicks & I have just been a bit 'sore' in general and I thought for sure maybe I was getting close to going into labour, I am honestly surprised & a bit upset I haven't had her by now... But it's nothing I can control, so I just have to stay positive & believe "she will come when she is ready"... 
But if by chance she hasn't come by next Monday which is the 21st/October (she is due the 19th/October) I will have another doctors appointment during the day & that night I will most likely be admitted to hospital for an induction. I am still undecided if that is what I want to do, ultimately I wanted to go into labour naturally & just see how I handle everything pain wise... (So that's what I am hoping still happens, we still have a few more days so it still may go my way!!) 
I just feel like if I have to be induced or end up with a c-section I should've just scheduled it with my regular doctor so I would be comfortable with who was doing it. Not that this other doctor isn't good, it's just I barely know him... 
I'm not mad or upset at my doctor for not being available, I understand these things happen & he needed to be at this conference. I am just upset & stressed out about the situation... 
But ultimately as long as she arrives safely & is healthy, I will be happy. At the end of the day, that is all I want - a happy & healthy little Rexy!
So she still has 3 days to arrive (to be on her due date), so I am hoping, praying, crossing my fingers she just decides to be on time... 
Today I am feeling ok, still fairly tired just because sleep is getting more & more difficult. If I am not up peeing every few hours, my lower back & hips just ache from sleeping on them & I wake up in pain. My whole life I have been a tummy sleeper, so it feels so unnatural for me to sleep on my side...
She is still active which is good and I guess she just enjoys her warm & safe little home & doesn't want to come out yet, no matter how many times I tell her she is evicted.
I haven't been trying anything really to bring on labour, besides from trying to remain active by walking & in the groceries I did buy 1/2 a fresh pineapple as I read pineapple can bring on labour and I feel like pineapple & ice cream for dessert - so can't hurt to try! 
So yes, that's the latest 'pregnancy news'.
Anyway, here are some 'bump photos'...
Some of my studio maternity photos that the very talented Nicole from Birthography took of me & Mum when I was 37 weeks & 4 days pregnant (The pink booties are mine from when I was baby, 25 years ago! And the little pink socks were a gift my Dad bought just for Rexy & she will wear them home from hospital!) 
Not a fan of naked belly shots normally, but I really love how pretty this one turned out! Nicole is such a talented photographer! I cannot wait for her to take Rexy's newborn photos!! 
38 weeks & 5 days pregnant, this was the last appointment I had with my regular doctor. The bottom photo is little Rexy's face... (Awww!!)
38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, with my fur babies!! Who are still so important to me. They have all been getting trained for when Rexy arrives (especially the cats, as they are strictly indoor animals!!) 
39 weeks!
39 weeks & 3 days pregnant, before my doctors appointment yesterday!
39 weeks & 4 days pregnant. I thought I would dress up a bit 'nice' today for our date. Maybe the last time I wear my 'maternity jeans'!! :)
So that is my update for now, maybe this will be my last 'pregnancy update'...
If you could all send lots of positive eviction thoughts to Rexy that would be appreciated (or maybe just some prayers?) I just would ultimately love to go into labour naturally without intervention, but if it's needed - it's needed. Time will tell soon enough, but for now I am staying positive that she will come soon! I admit I was fairly emotional & upset about it all yesterday, but today I am feeling a lot better & just trying to be positive. 
Everything will be fine no matter what happens, I still have a good doctor, he just isn't my regular doctor! :) 
Hopefully I will be introducing you all to her soon! (If you want to be informed when she is born follow me on Instagram - @Bella_In_Bindyland or on Twitter @Bella_K

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Made with sew much love for Rexy!

Ok, so it's now October 14th - still no sign of Rexy yet. So I am back again with another blog post to try and distract myself... 
Trent is fast asleep for most of today, but thankfully he is now on 4 days off! So I am hoping she arrives when he is home so he doesn't have to go back to work for a few weeks! :)
Anyway, this blog post is just a short one to show you what I made for our baby during this pregnancy, I would've loved to sew & crochet more things, but honestly with being unwell for most of the pregnancy & just not being that talented at it, I just didn't. But I am still proud of the 2 little things I made her! 
The first thing I made for her was a soft fabric story book. It wasn't too hard, it came with directions & I really enjoyed making this one. It didn't turn out 100% perfect, but I am fairly happy with the result & it was my first thing I have ever sewn on my own without any guidance from my Mum! :) 
This was what I started with. I bought this book panel from Spotlight... (I also used wadding in between the pages to make it softer!)
The finished project. :) Not entirely perfect (some of the pages aren't all the same width) but I think it's super cute & I really like it, so I hope my little Rexy does too! 
This is my sewing machine that I sewed the book on, I don't use this machine enough, I really want to learn to sew better! Maybe that can be a goal for 2014!! 
(My blog post on this machine can be found HERE) 
The second thing I made for Rexy took pretty much my entire pregnancy to complete, I crocheted her a blanket. Oh my gosh, talk about frustrating & time consuming! I really don't think I am a 'crocheter' - like it was easy enough to do once I got the hang of it, but it is just very time consuming and for some reason my arms would ache if I did it for too long... But I finally completed it the other week and I am so glad! It is a little bit tight in the middle section because at that point I was still getting use to the stitches (is that what you call them?) & how tight to pull the wool, but I eventually got the hang of it & the rest of the blanket looks ok. The main thing is it is a super soft & snuggly warm blanket that Rexy can have. I hope she likes it & doesn't judge my lack of crocheting skills to harshly!! Thank you Mum for teaching me how to crochet!! (My Mum is really good at sewing & crocheting, she crocheted Rexy a beautiful white & pink blanket with a flower on it!) 
Me and my first ball of wool, look at the excitement - I clearly didn't realise how frustrating it is to crochet. HAHA!
Many nights were spent like this, especially if Trent was on night shift...
I was so happy when I finally made it onto my 3rd ball of wool!! This one seemed to take the longest to finish though...
From start to finish - my crocheted blanket for my little Rexy. It isn't 100% perfect as the tension in the middle is a bit tight, but hey I finished it & it is very snuggly and soft!! I hope Rexy loves it! :) At least I now know how to crochet a blanket!!
So they are the 2 items I made for my little girl... 
Not totally perfect, but I am happy with them for being first attempts & I hope she loves them! Hopefully I can sew her some more things soon, I really enjoyed sewing the book - the blanket however wasn't my idea of fun, but I am proud I made the effort to complete it!! 
I hope you all enjoy your Monday, I am once again just waiting for our baby Rex to arrive...
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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Baby room reveal!! {Rexy's Room}

Hey everyone!
Ok it's October 13th - no sign of Miss Rexy yet... So I thought I would kill some time and show you all her completed bedroom (this being said as I find pretty pieces I will continue to add to her bedroom forever!) 
But as promised here is Rexy's room... (Sorry I was going to film a room tour, but I seriously do not have the energy or desire to be filming right now!) x
This is the progression of Rexy's room. Originally it was my junk/storage room that was also a craft room & my study... We had to clear out the whole room, rip up the carpet, sand & polish the floor boards and the whole room got a new coat of paint! Trent did all the hard work, I just had the job of sorting everything out & packing it away and then setting her room up!
Trent isn't a fan of painting, but he painted her room so well - it looks lovely! 
All painted & polished and ready for furniture!! 
I think Trent's favourite thing to do was set everything up, he seemed to really enjoy it! :)
Her cradle is in our bedroom, this is where she will sleep to start off with. This cradle is the Boori Country Matilda Rocker.  
Trent did so much work for our little girl. He went above & beyond what normal husbands do, he even hung the curtains for me! :) 
Rexy's room! I love our change table & cot. They were gifts from my parents, we are so grateful that they helped us out with purchasing such big ticket items (as well as a 1000 little things!) 
The change table is the Boori Country Classic Changer. 
Our Cot is the Boori Country Sleigh Cot 3 in 1.  I was undecided on what style of sleigh cot to get, but I thought this one was nice and didn't have to always be up against the wall like the other sleigh cots with the high backs.
I was undecided on a theme for her room. I did want a woodland'ish theme, with squirrels & foxes & deer but every 'woodland' bed set I found had owls in it and I hate, HATE owls. They are just so over done & they are way too common. So I had picked out 2 bedding sets one that was in the woodland theme (it did have a stupid owl on it but also a squirrel) or the Minnie Mouse one, Trent liked the Minnie one best (I let him make the final decision!) He kind of set the trend for her room being a bit 'Minnie Mouse' themed because he bought her a Minnie Mouse pillow pet before we even bought the bedding!  I think the Minnie Mouse choice was the best, the woodland theme would've been beautiful, but finding things to go with the theme turned out to be very hard & was going to be very expensive. Her bedding is from Babies 'R Us. The assorted Minnie toys are from Big W & Woolworths.
This little cradle was my Mum's when she was young, she gave it to me when I was a little girl & now I have given it to Rexy. :) It is jammed pack full of special soft toys from Trent & I and also our friends & family! (The Mickey Mouse toy on the right is Trent's from when he was a little boy!)
I invested in a glider chair & ottoman to be my feeding chair. I love this chair so much, the colour is beautiful & it is so comfortable! (I am still not 100% happy with how I have displayed a few of her items on the shelves, so I am still changing them around a bit... I wish I had more room in this room for a small book shelf for her!) 
This duchess was mine from when I was little. I wanted to repaint it in the 'antique/distressed/white' look but I didn't have enough faith in my painting skills to do it. So I left it how it is... I still think it looks nice. The pink baby T-rex is mine from when I was a little girl, I love it and think it is totally perfect for little Rexy's room!
I love this framed quote my friend Sarah gave me for the baby shower!! (The candle is a baby powder scented candle) 
Rexy's cupboards... (View from my feeding chair)
A sneak peek into her closet... My nappy bag is on the left, I love it!! 
She has lots of pretty little outfits, this is just some of her clothes. The duchess is jammed packed full of clothes that I could fold & store!! These are all her good little dresses, some of the dresses/outfits are actually mine from when I was a baby that Mum has looked after so well for me! 
So that is our baby room, I am so proud of it. We both worked really hard & put a lot of effort into making it nice for her. A lot of our friends who have babies have been lucky because they live in 'modern' houses where the rooms already have nice flooring & wall paint, but this room had to be totally redone, I am so grateful that Trent is so smart and knows how to do all this (and the fact he was willing to do it!) So it saved us from paying someone to do the work for us. I really hope little Rexy loves her room. 
If you want to know where I got anything specific for her room feel free to contact me, I have added some links to the main furniture in case you are interested! 
Thanks for reading!
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